CNST NanoFab 4Wave Cluster Sputter Tool now open to users!!

The CNST NanoFab 4Wave Cluster Sputter tool is now open to NanoFab users. The system is equipped with a cassette-to-cassette robotic wafer handler, 12 ready-to-deposit materials, and ion beam deposition technology, providing users a largely unattended 24/7 deposition capability along with the densest available thin films via room temperature physical vapor deposition.

The cluster sputter system is equipped with two deposition chambers connected to a wafer transfer robot. Each chamber houses six sputtering targets, an ion gun for pre-sputter cleaning, a residual gas analyzer, and a quartz crystal monitor.  Film deposition can be controlled by time or thickness.

One deposition chamber is an Ion Beam deposition module yielding high density pinhole-free and very smooth films. The second deposition chamber is a Biased Target deposition module where ion beam sputtering occurs from an electrically biased target.  This technology allows changing the adatom energy during film growth and provides the least amount of interface mixing, while still depositing dense and very smooth films.  The chambers are configured to deposit chrome, gold, nickel, titanium, platinum, tantalum, aluminum, cobalt, silicon dioxide, indium tin oxide, titanium dioxide, and tantalum pentoxide.

The wafer transfer system includes two load stations that can handle a variety of substrates from 76 mm (3 inch) diameter up to 200 mm and small pieces or transparent substrates via carrier wafers.

For additional information and training, please contact Gerard Henein, 301-975-5645, gerard.henein@nist.gov.

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