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4Wave is at the cutting edge of next-generation technology for ion beam processes and applications. In addition to our broad background in vacuum process equipment and thin films, we offer highly specialized expertise in key technologies that are at the forefront of optical, magnetic and semiconductor device processing.

4Wave Publications

Source for publications relating to Biased Target Sputtering (BTS), Ion Beam Sputtering, Ion Beam Etch, Direct Ion Beam Deposition, Ion-Assisted Evaporation, In-Situ Process Monitoring and more.

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Biased Target Sputtering (BTS)

4Wave is the pioneer in a new deposition technology called Biased Target Sputtering. BTS is a hybrid between IBD and conventional sputter deposition that combines the best of each technique. BTS is uniquely suited to demanding applications requiring atomically engineered thin films and interfaces as it offers a large range of process pressures, control of adatom energies, and excellent uniformity and repeatability. High performance multilayer devices such as giant magneto-resistive multilayers, optical interference filters, and gate dielectric stacks are particularly well suited to BTS. More on BTS Technology…

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Ion Beam Sputtering

4Wave staff have designed more than 100 ion beam deposition systems, This equipment has been installed worldwide in applications ranging from university R&D to large-scale device production. Ion beam deposition is used broadly in R&D, the data storage industry, and the optical components industry.

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Ion Beam Etch

We have designed and built ion beam etch equipment for clients worldwide. Ion beam etching is used mainly in R&D and device manufacturing of data storage and optical components.

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Direct Ion Beam Deposition

We have extensive experience in Direct Ion Beam Deposition systems. This equipment is mainly used in applications requiring high performance, thin diamond-like carbon coatings, particularly in R&D, the data storage industry, the ophthalmic coatings industry and the tool coating industry.

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Ion-Assisted Evaporation

Ion-assisted evaporation is used mainly to deposit multilayer optical interference coatings for optical filtering and antireflection. We have designed such systems for R&D, the optical components industry, and the ophthalmic coatings industry.

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In-Situ Process Monitoring

Our team has been at the forefront of in-situ process monitoring in various ion beam and thin-film processes. We are highly experienced in the integration of these systems for the automatic control of process gas mixing, etch endpoint control, and deposition endpoint control.

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