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Product Description

The 4Wave IBE14L01BTCH-FA is a batch system geared towards
low to mid throughput Failure Analysis (FA) and Yield Improvement
applications where users can tolerate slightly longer preparation
time. This system boasts high performance etching, critical thin
film profile milling, glancing angle milling, etc. The system addresses
the needs of customers seeking a flexible, cost-effective, small footprint,
FA processing workhorse. The system is versatile and
features optional hardware to suit the users needs.

Applications Include:

  • Semiconductor IC Failure Analysis (PFA)
  • Semiconductor Process Yield Improvement
  • Anti-Counterfeit and Supply Chain Security
  • Process Control and Chip Design Assessment
  • Chip Reverse Engineering
  • Patterned Etch
  • Wafer processing services


  • Integrated Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometer (SIMS)
  • Advanced Ion Beam Source
  • Custom Ion Optics and Beam Shaping
  • Advanced Semiconductor Layer Stop Technology (SLST)
  • Automatic Layer Termination Software
  • Low Cost Manual Sample Transfer With Load Lock
  • Patterned Etch

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