Mechanical Eng.

Our mechanical engineers design systems ranging from small batch tools to multi-process module cluster tools. We also develop compact reliable fixturing to handle wafers and manipulate targets in vacuum.

Our mechanical engineering services include:

  • High vacuum chamber design
  • High vacuum pumping stacks: cryo, turbo and diffusion pumps
  • Substrate fixturing: wafer spin, adjustable incidence angle, cooling, shuttering, planetary motion, manual and robotic loading, all with feedback control
  • Target fixturing: multi-target, cooled, feedback controlled indexing
  • Specialized vacuum/plasma/characterization component mounting
  • High vacuum electrical, optical and mechanical positioning feedthroughs
  • Robotics: single wafer load-lock, multi-wafer cassette and central wafer handlers
    CE, SEMI S2/S8 certifiable designs
  • Documentation: detailed drawings, assembly drawings, BOMs, schematics, tool layout drawings, Pro-E, AutoCad
  • Tools: batch, cluster modules, transfer modules, multi-module cluster tools