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We help diagnose process irregularities, design process experiments, evaluate the structural and chemical properties of thin films, and develop custom process solutions. We have extensive experience in ion beam deposition, direct ion beam deposition (PECVD), sputter deposition, ion beam etch, and reactive ion beam etch applications.

We provide the following process development services:

  • Dielectric films by reactive sputtering: fully dense, amorphous, stable materials such as SiO2, TiO2, Ta2O5, Al2O3
  • Carbon films: diamond like carbon, amorphous carbon, hard and soft carbon films
  • Metals: metallization for MEMs, MMICs, semiconductors, magnetic devices, optical components
  • Magnetic materials: magnetoresistive thin films (GMR, spin valves, AMR), magnetic thin films (soft/hard magnetic materials)
  • Specialty materials: ITO, YBCO, TBCCO
  • Ion beam etch for refractory materials, device definition and trim, waveguide definition and other applications
  • Optical interference stacks, including design
  • Ion beam PE-CVD deposition of thick SiO2 for waveguide (sputter doped)
  • In-situ process and wafer sensors for end-point detection and process control
  • Device, lithography and process interaction and optimization
  • Thermal management, particle control, ESD specialists