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We integrate the mechanical, electrical and software aspects of all types of vacuum components from motion control to high vacuum equipment to power supplies and robots.

We provide the following system integration services:

Motion Control

  • Parker motors and drives: DC Servos, Stepper
  • General Electric (GE)-Fanuc motors and drives
  • Inland motors and amplifiers
  • Reliance Electric, Emerson Industrial AC/DC Drives
  • API
  • Newport Scientific
  • Various pneumatic and hydraulic controls
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic controls and design

High Vacuum Equipment

  • Pumps: CTI, Pfeiffer, ADP, Leybold, Varian, Polycold, Alcatel, Edwards
  • High vacuum valving and manifolding: VAT, HPS, HVA, Varian, MDC, Huntington, Norcal
  • Process gas manifolding, filtering, valving, mass flow control: MKS, Brooks, Unit, Tyan, Nupro, Cajon, SMC
  • Gauging: Granville Phillips, MKS, HPS, Pfeiffer, Varian
  • In-situ end-point detectors: Intellemetrics, Hiden, Luxtron/Xinix, Inficon, Sycon, Woolam
  • Residual gas analyzers: Pfeiffer, Leybold Inficon, SRS
  • Cassette modules: Brooks
  • Optical aligners: Brooks
  • Robots: Brooks, Genmark, Surface Interface
  • Ion beam sources: Commonwealth Scientific Corp., Ion Tech, Veeco, K&R
  • Ebeam sources: Airco/Temescal, Telemark, Edwards

Power Supplies

  • ENI
  • RFPP
  • Advanced Energy
  • Spellman
  • Commonwealth Scientific
  • Ion Tech
  • Sorenson


  • Vacuum and atmospheric design
  • Brooks
  • Genmark
  • Transfer Engineering/Surface Interface