Ruthenium Oxide Films Prepared by Reactive Biased Target Sputtering

Background- RuO2 (Ruthenium Oxide) in both crystalline and amorphous forms is of crucial importance for theoretical as well as practical purposes, due to the unique combination of characteristics, such as metallic conductivity, high chemical and thermal stability, catalytic activities, and high work function. Due to such properties, RuO2 finds great promise in various applications, for example, in electronic applications, in integrated circuit development, thick or thin film resistors, ferroelectric films and a buffer layer for the high-temperature superconducting thin films. The well-known application of RuO2 is as an electrode in energy storage electrochemical supercapacitors that possess high power density, exhibit excellent pulse charge–discharge property and very long cycle life. In recent years, the use of ruthenium oxide as an electrode material was extensively investigated. It was found that amorphous and hydrous ruthenium oxide formed various methods was a promising for MEMS devices as electrodes, etc.

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