Mechanical Eng.

We have a cutting-edge manufacturing and testing facility, a large design library, and a wide range of professional expertise to design and build custom equipment and vacuum assemblies. Our supporting business and engineering systems allow us to deliver results tailored to your needs.

Custom Equipment and Vacuum Assemblies

Working closely with our clients, we design and build custom vacuum systems and subsystems to meet their specific requirements. We guarantee the performance of all our custom hardware, software products and provide long-term customer support.

Complete Systems

  • First of kind, advanced processing systems
  • Professionally engineered solutions that take laboratory prototypes to production-level equipment
  • Novel vacuum, plasma and thin film applications
  • Deposition or etching systems
  • Sputtering, ion beam, electron beam, plasma

Custom Subsystems and Components

  • Ion source , Magnetron and E-beam assemblies
  • Wafer handling assemblies: cluster, robotic, manual
  • Wafer/substrate fixtures: rotating, heating, cooling, magnetic, biased, shutters, shapers
    Load locks: manual or automatic
  • Target assemblies: Ion beam, magnetron
  • Gas manifolds: mass flow controllers, valving, purging
  • Pump manifolds: pumping, valving, piping
  • Process monitoring: optical monitoring systems, RGA’s, SIMS systems, optical emission systems, plasma probes