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Product Description

The Laboratory Alloy and Nanolayer System (LANS) is 4Wave’s Flagship R&D system. This system has received wide acceptance in the academic materials research world. Equipped with multiple processing targets, it is a very versatile platform for multilayer material synthesis and compositional nanotechnology.

Markets Include:

  • Optics
  • Magnetic sensors
  • University Research & Development


  • Materials Research and Development


  • High output, low-energy plasma source
  • 6 x 4″ biased target carousel
  • independent target biasing for alloy composition control
  • 100mm diameter process surface
  • <3% non-uniformity over 75 mm
  • substrate plasma cleaning, etching oxidation, nitridation
  • Water cooled, rotating, magnetic, shuttered stage, heating up to  600 C
  • Single wafer load lock stage

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