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Etch System
Specialty System
Mini (De) Mux Chip
4 Channel ROSA
Optical Monitors
Optical Thin Film Coatings
Thin Film Coatings
Design & Prototyping
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Biased Target Deposition
In-situ Process Monitoring
Dynamic Process Compensation
Ion Beam Deposition
Ion Beam Etch
Direct IBD
Ion-Assisted Evaporation

Providing complete solutions for your ion beam processing, custom thin film coating and multi-layer device needs:

          Ion Beam Sputtering Equipment


          Ion Beam Milling and reactive ion beam etching equipment 

          Biased Target Deposition Systems 

          Custom thin film coating and milling services

          Unique thin-film deposition and milling techniques

          Design and manufacture of custom vacuum systems and assemblies

What We Do

4Wave provides plasma processing equipment, thin film coatings, milling equipment and services to meet challenging vacuum equipment and thin film processing needs. Using its atomic layer processing capabilities, 4Wave also offers multilayer device fabrication and miniature optical components. Based in Sterling, Virginia, just minutes from Washington Dulles Airport, 4Wave serves clients worldwide.

Our typical customers are engaged in demanding high technology development and manufacturing, and employ our products and services to solve difficult, first-of-a-kind materials processing and 24/7 manufacturing problems. 4Wave has extensive expertise in ion beam equipment, plasma sources, vacuum processing systems, thin film coatings, thin film milling and in-situ process monitors. Our engineers and scientists have designed over 100 such systems for many of the largest technology companies in the world.

Using our core technical ability to manipulate thin films, 4Wave also provides custom thin film coating and optical device manufacturing. 4Wave can provide multi-layer coatings to complete devices in prototype quantities and help move into volume manufacturing.

Our Commitment to You

4Wave's goal is to exceed the expectations of its clients. We work closely with our customers to find the best solution for their application, regardless of the size of their project. We take pride in introducing our clients to new technologies that dramatically improve upon or replace existing solutions.


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