CNST NanoFab 4Wave Cluster Sputter Tool now open to users!

The CNST NanoFab 4Wave Cluster Sputter tool is now open to NanoFab users. The system is equipped with a cassette-to-cassette robotic wafer handler, 12 ready-to-deposit materials, and ion beam deposition technology, providing users a largely unattended 24/7 deposition capability along with the densest available thin films via room temperature physical vapor deposition.

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Biased Target Sputtering (BTS)

4Wave is the pioneer in a new deposition technology called Biased Target Deposition. BTD is a hybrid between IBD and conventional sputter deposition that combines the best of each technique. BTD is uniquely suited to demanding applications requiring atomically engineered thin films and interfaces as it offers a large range of process pressures, control of adatom energies, and excellent uniformity and repeatability.

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4Wave Ion Beam Sputtering Cluster Tool

The 4Wave ion beam sputtering cluster tool has maintained 4Wave’s 95% market share in the Vanadium Oxide Processing community (MEMS Market).

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New Publications!

Source for publications relating to Biased Target Sputtering (BTS), Ion Beam Sputtering, Ion Beam Etch, Direct Ion Beam Deposition, Ion-Assisted Evaporation, In-Situ Process Monitoring and more.

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4Wave Failure Analysis (PFA) and Semiconductor Yield Improvement

With the 4Wave LL Etch systems customers are solving the most challenging problems with failure analysis (PFA) and Semiconductor Quality Assurance. Semiconductor failure mode analysis is currently a painstaking manual operation employing visual observation on microscopes. With our delayering solutions, the de-processing of integrated circuits is vastly improved.

Our Solutions have now expanded to Supply Chain Security to complement our new Cyber Security and ndustrial Control Systems Initiatives.

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What We Do

4Wave provides plasma processing equipment, thin film coatings, milling equipment and services to meet challenging vacuum equipment and thin film processing needs. Using its atomic layer processing capabilities, 4Wave also offers multilayer device fabrication and miniature optical components. Based in Sterling, Virginia, just minutes from Washington Dulles Airport, 4Wave serves clients worldwide.

Our Products

Our Services

Design & Prototyping We have a cutting-edge manufacturing and testing facility, a large design library, and a wide range of professional expertise to design and build custom equipment and vacuum assemblies. Our supporting business and engineering systems allow us to deliver results tailored to your needs.

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Engineering Services We have extensive experience in the thin-film process equipment industry. Many of our engineers and scientists have worked together for more than 10 years, designing and building thin-film process equipment, developing thin-film process solutions, and integrating software and hardware from high-level graphical user interfaces to embedded low-level controllers.

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Equipment Refurbishment 4Wave can help you: Identify sources of quality used systems, Inspect, evaluate and qualify systems for your processing needs, Rebuild and refurbish to your specification, Upgrade with new components and controls and Document systems and components.

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Optical Thin Film Coatings 4Wave offers metallic, nitride and dielectric thin films using boiased Target Deposition techniques. 4Wave can provide custom multilayer stacks of various materials and alloys.

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Thin Film Processing 4Wave offers dielectric thin films using both Ion Beam and Biased Target deposition techniques. 4Wave can provide custom optical interference filters coatings over the spectral range of 200nm to 2000nm for the use in a variety of applications.

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